• The (Th-Ee)=Eternal, everlasting
  • Marr (Mar)=Month
  • Taru (Tar-Roo)=Final, end
  • Axx (Ax)=Being, person
  • Ophia (Oh-Fee-Ah)=Land, world
  • Vaal (Va-All)=Canyon, crack, split
  • Xileck (Zill-Lick)=Stilt, support, stem
  • Dor (Door)=Dark
  • Myhe (Meh)=Life
  • Zerrah (Zer-Rah)=Light, bright
  • Majolic (Ma-Joel-Ik)=Magic
  • Charr (Char)=Power, energy
  • Grier (Gree-Er)= Monstrous, beast, horror, terrifying
  • Ruthano (Roo-Than-Oh)= Mountain
  • Thorr (Thor)=Charge, rush, crush

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